Mission Hub


CS_BEIRUT2_HDR by Bluestrike


CS_DRUGBUST by malfuncti0n


CS_HAVANA by Valve

CS_ITALY by Valve


CS_OFFICE by Valve

CS_THUNDER2006 by Acube

CS_XCOM by DjBourgeoisie

CS_XMAS by Stormseeker

DE_ATOWN_V1 by Grazer

DE_AZTEC by Valve


DE_BIOLABO_V1_2 by Tetsu


DE_CBBLE by Valve




DE_DUST2 by Valve

DE_DUST by Valve

DE_FOREST by Robert Briscoe


DE_KENIGFOREST by Demalition

DE_LOCHS2 by Vig

DE_LOSTTEMPLE2 by d00ds.com

DE_MONACH1 by Raylord

DE_NIGHTFEVER by d00ds.com

DE_NUKE by Valve


DE_PORT by Valve


DE_RUSH_V2 by d00ds.com

DE_SPIRITS by theangriestbadger



DE_TERMINUS2 by Ph3nyx

DE_TIDES by Valve

DE_TRAIN by Valve

DE_VENICE by jamin620

It's a cruel and random world, but the chaos is all so beautiful.
- Fullmetal Alchemist

CSS SCI FI 3: Hardwired is a single-player modification for Source. Waking up to find himself an augmented clone of Gordon Freeman, the player must fight time-travelling Combine forces and other enemies across 42 unique missions. Each mission is goal-oriented and non-linear and can be played and replayed using different tactics, options and strategies. CSS SCI FI includes an interactive mission hub and full Configuration Utility which players can use to select different styles of gameplay, ranging from extreme realism to gib-tastic gore.

Missions in CSS SCI FI take place in 18 retail and 24 custom Counter-Strike: Source maps, which are installed intact to the player's CS:S game folder. The maps are unchanged and are fully playable in Counter-Strike: Source. Maps have been carefully selected with the collaboration of established designers, including Bluestrike, Schuzak and d00ds.com.

Replay value sets CSS SCI FI apart from other single-player mods. Because the layout of each map is non-linear, there is never only one way to approach a particular target or goal. Players can work through each mission as many times as they like, discovering new features (including hidden secrets) and using new options from the configuration utility each time. Resources are distributed differently and enemies change their tactics with every play, making each mission a unique experience. CSS SCI FI brings the unpredictable excitement and high-quality replay value of a multi-player game to the single-player Source audience.

2. Requirements

CSS SCI FI also requires the Source SDK base, which is free with CS:S. If the player does not have the SDK base, it will be downloaded automatically through Steam the first time the game is run, or you can pre-load the Source SDK Base.

3. Download and installation

Current version: 1 | 2011-01-15

All versions of CSS SCI FI require this patch.
This patch fixes fatal incompatibilities in some retail maps, including DE_Dust, DE_Dust2 and DE_Inferno.

Note: CSS SCI FI contains no viruses or malware and contains no components capable of creating outgoing connections. Any reports to the contrary are false positives.

CSS SCI FI is packaged in an executable installer. This installer does not write to the registry or make any changes to any installed programs. When executed, the installer performs the following tasks:

  1. Ensures that Steam and CS:S are installed.
  2. Locates the user's SourceMods directory, creates a new directory for CSS SCI FI, and installs the mod resources within it.
  3. Locates the user's cstrike/maps folder and installs 24 custom Counter-Strike: Source maps within it.
  4. Sets up script files within CSS SCI FI to link the mod to the user's cstrike/maps folder.
  5. Places a shortcut to the mod launcher on the desktop
  6. Executes the CSS SCI FI Configuration Utility (see below for more details).

The process is safe and causes no other changes to the host system.

Warning: The mod will not function if the installer is pointed at the wrong directory during installation.

4. Configuration

The CSS SCI FI Configuration Utility is included in the mod installation. This program allows users to select and install 48 different game options, each of which may affect the difficulty, graphics, enhancements or gameplay of CSS SCI FI. These options are independent of the standard in-game graphics and difficulty settings, and can be selected in any desired combination. After the Configuration Utility has been run, you do not need to run it again until you want to change a setting.

The Configuration Utility can be run at any time that the game itself is not running, and can be accessed using the launcher from the desktop or from the mod directory located at SourceMods/CSS SCI FI. For more about the CSS SCI FI Configuration Utility, please see the CSS SCI FI Configuration Reference Manual.

5. Running the game

There are three different ways to run CSS SCI FI:

6. Uninstallation

CSS SCI FI can be removed using the included uninstaller. This is located in the mod directory (SourceMods/CSS SCI FI) and is named uninstall.exe. Executing this program will remove all installed and auto-generated resources, and will optionally remove saved games and screenshots. Users may also optionally choose to remove the 24 custom Counter-Strike: Source maps included in the original installation. After uninstallation is complete, users may need to manually delete the CSS SCI FI folder from the SourceMods directory if it is not removed automatically. It is recommended that users exit Steam before running the uninstaller.

7. Known issues

1. Grenades.

There is a bug in the way that grenade pickups are handled in code. The bug can be seen if the player has a full load of weapon_frag (5 explosive grenades) and encounters a sixth grenade in the world. Under these conditions, the player will not be able to pick up the sixth grenade until the ammo count for grenades is 0, rather than 4 as in HL2. Because the mod is based on closed source dlls this issue cannot be resolved at this time. Green "unlimited ammo" crates are not affected.

2. The Aztec mission does not complete.

Download the patch or the latest current version. This is a rare bug that affects only the 3.0 or earlier versions. For help with other missions, please see the CSS SCI FI mission hints page (contains spoilers).

3. DE_Dust, DE_Dust2 and DE_Inferno crash on load (crash after CS_Compound)

Download the map patch. Counter-Strike: Source is undergoing extended revisions to bring it up to date with the Source 2009 engine. While the majority of these changes have been engine-based, some maps are being rebuilt in the new format, rendering them incompatible with this mod, which is based on Source 2006. This patch resolves the issue within the mod, while leaving the retail resources unaffected, and is required for all versions, including 3.02 complete. It is not possible to anticipate how many maps will be affected, therefore this fix has not yet been integrated into the main CSS SCI FI distribution and will instead be released separately when required.

4. Common crashes

If you get the CUtlLinkedList overflow error while using bullet-time, try setting r_drawbullettimeeffects 0 in your user config located at ..\SourceMods\CSS SCI FI\cfg\user_custom.cfg. Ensure you have the 3.02 version installed before making edits to the user_custom.cfg file.

If the game crashes at the begining or end of a map while saving, you can turn off autosaves by setting disable_autosave 1 in your user_custom.cfg. This will turn off all automatic saves, so you must remember to regularly manually save.

8. FAQ

A. Installation

1. Q: What are the requirements for CSS SCI FI?

A: Counter-Strike: Source. CS:S needs to be fully installed and "unlocked", that is, started to the menu screen at least once. CSS SCI FI also requires the Source SDK base, which is free with CS:S. If the player does not have the SDK base, it will be downloaded automatically through Steam the first time the game is run. It is a small package (~116MB) and is used by many popular mods.

2. Q: Do I need to download SMOD first?

A: No, all the relevant files are included. SMOD is a completely separate mod.

3. Q: Will CSS SCI FI interfere with any of my other mods or games?

A: No, it installs to its own folder and uses no resources from any other installed mod or game other than Counter-Strike: Source and the Source SDK base.

4. Q: Are the maps installed to the cstrike/maps directory playable in Counter-Strike: Source?

A: Yes, the custom maps used in this mod have not been modified in any way, and can be played in Counter-Strike: Source as normal, including online and against bots.

5. Q: Is a compressed folder installation available?

A: No, it will not work, for the reasons described in section 3 above. The installer makes no changes outside the mod and cstrike directories, and contains no unsafe components.

6. Q:Is a cooperative version available?

A: No. CSS SCI FI is single-player only.

7. Q: Will CSS SCI FI be updated now that CS:S is running on the Source 2009 engine?

A: No. All recent Valve games are composed of two discrete parts: engine and content. Content is the game world and is created with textures, sounds, maps and models. The engine runs the game and determines how events within the game world are handled. Currently, there are three Source engines available to modders: Source 2006, Source 2007 and Source 2009. Using the Steam mounting system, any of these engines can be paired up with any installed, compatible content. This can include content from installed retail games, such as CS:S, the base resources included in each engine, and custom content installed in the mod directory. This allows worlds to mixed in a way that is central to this mod, without requiring any content to be moved, copied or unpacked from its original distribution.

The engine for CSS SCI FI is the Source Engine 2006 (appid 215). The content it mounts is Counter-Strike: Source (appid 240). Therefore, the recent Source 2009 engine updates to CS:S do not in turn provide an update for this mod, as it is the CS:S content, not the CS:S engine, which is used by this mod. Some of the content, however, has been updated in a way that is no longer compatible with the 2006 engine, which is why the map patch is now required for all versions. There is currently no prospect for updating the engine used by this mod to Source 2009, as this would require a ground-up rewrite of SMOD, which is on permanent hiatus. If the situation changes, CSS SCI FI will be updated.

B. Playing the game

1. Q: Do I need to start a new game if I want to change my settings using the Configuration Utility?

A: No. The Configuration Utility can be run at any time, as long as the game itself is not running. Players can save in the middle of a mission, quit the game, run the Configuration Utility and then load the last save and the game will resume with newly selected settings. The only exception is the inclusion or exclusion of allies, which takes effect only at the start of each mission.

2. Q: The game crashes/runs poorly.

A: Consult Steam Support and the HL2 TweakGuide and ensure that you have performed all necessary maintenance to improve the performance of Half-Life 2, including updating to the latest version of your graphics drivers. Most crashes relate to difficulties with system memory, so ensure the host machine has plenty of RAM and that it is in good working order. For example, if a "memory could not be read" error appears, this may indicate that there is a problem with system memory which must be resolved before playing the mod. Selecting the options marked "HL2 default" in the Configuration Utility will help to reduce system strain. See the Configuration Utility reference manual for more details.

If you are getting the CUtlLinkedList overflow error while using bullet-time, try setting r_drawbullettimeeffects 0 in your user_custom.cfg. This will reduce the number of effects drawn during bullet time.

3. Q: The game is too difficult/too easy.

A: If the game too difficult (or too easy), quit and re-run the Configuration Utility to select easier or harder options. After running the configuration utility, you can also set the in-game difficulty to Easy, Medium or Hard in the options menu as normal. For more information about this and other settings which may affect difficulty, please see the CSS SCI FI Configuration Reference Manual.

4. Q: How do I return to the mission hub between play sessions?

A: The game will automatically save when you return to the hub from single missions or campaigns. To play another map or the next campaign in a different play session, load this save game. Do not start a new game from the console or chapter menu between campaigns, as the hub will lose track of which campaigns you have completed.

C. Hints

Please see the CSS SCI FI mission hints page for level overviews of some of the more commonly asked-about missions, including Aztec, Xmas, Chateau, Forest, Venice and Rush. Warning - hints can aslo be spoilers!

D. Adding custom content

Warning: Do not add custom content (weapons/models/scripts/configs) from other mods, including SMOD, FakeFactory, etc., to the SourceMods/CSS SCI FI directory. There are no files in this mod that are safe to overwrite, delete or modify. Any file purporting to be an "upgrade", "fix", or "weapon pack" for CSS SCI FI is not authorised. Authorised patches will be released via this website and the mod profile websites below only.

1. Q: Can I add content (weapons/models/scripts/configs) from other mods or previous versions of CSS SCI FI?

A: No. CSS SCI FI is an independent, self-contained mod and is not designed to be extended, nor will its resources function correctly if removed and placed in another mod. Adding scripts, models or other resources, including configuration files, from any other mod, especially SMOD or previous versions of CSS SCI FI, to CSS SCI FI 3 will result in a broken game.

2. Q: A particular map disconnects directly after the player spawns, with no error message.

A: See the answer to question 1. If the game disconnects and the following warning appears in the console:




then you have deleted or overwritten one or more files needed by the mod. The SourceMods/CSS SCI FI folder must be fully deleted and the mod reinstalled from the original installer to correct this problem.

3. Q: Some sounds, such as music or fireworks, are missing.

A: See the answer to question 1. This only occurs if the CSS SCI FI installation has been overwritten or otherwise altered. The SourceMods/CSS SCI FI folder must be fully deleted and the mod reinstalled from the original installer to correct this problem.

9. Translations

Translations of CSS SCI FI will be made available via this website and the mod profile websites below. If no translation of your language exists, you can submit one. Please see the "translations" folder located at SourceMods/CSS SCI FI/docs/translations for full instructions and source materials.

It is not possible for users to release language packs of their own, as several core components, including the Configuration Utility, must be recompiled in the new language. Please follow the instructions in the translation documentation to submit your localised version. Following testing, your translated version will appear alongside the original on the official mod websites.

10. Credits

CSS SCI FI was produced between October 2006 and October 2007, and October 2008 and October 2009 and is the work of one person, "fitzroy_doll". The giants upon whose shoulders I have stood are:

Base resources

SMOD author: Base resources, including the SMOD 40A quickfix dlls.


Acube: CS_Thunder2006.

Bluestrike: CS_Beirut_HDR, DE_Battleship_HDR.

Calum "malfuncti0n" Boyes: CS_Drugbust.

Kozlov "Demalition" Dmitry: DE_Kenigforest.

DjBourgeoisie: CS_Xcom.

Jürgen "Grazer" Oswald: DE_Atown.

Benjamin "jamin620" Rosen: DE_Venice.

Joe Motz: DE_Dam_facility_fixed.

Heyo: DE_Stratocorp2.

Kevin "theangriestbadger" Anderson: DE_Spirits.

Magikus & StarD00d (d00ds.com): DE_Losttemple2, DE_Nightfever, DE_Rush_v2

Ph3nyx: DE_Terminus2.

A."R_Yell" Oliver: CS_Harvest.

Anton G."Raylord" Zyryanov: DE_Monach1.

Robert Briscoe: DE_Forest.

Robin "IZaNaGI" Molde: DE_Star.

Schuzak: DE_BlueCorridor.

SM Sith Lord: DE_Desert_atrocity_v3.

C J "Stormseeker" Horn: CS_Xmas.

Tetsuya "Tetsu" Yamamoto: DE_biolabo_v1_2.

Mark "Vig" Dygert: DE_Lochs2.

Barndoor: Bot nav files for various maps.

Models and other contributions

Authors unknown: HL2_v_pistol_bug_fix and v_irifle fix.

L. Duke: cs_italy chicken fix.

Magikus & StarD00d (d00ds.com): fixed Dust palm trees.

pOPdOG fONTS: The Hardwired title font.

Shiroko: the AK47 ammo box.

SMODfixesv3_beta: ideas for a few of the iron sight tweaks.

Tim Markworth: Drivable combine APC.

Themanclaw: Combine Camo V5.

Iiro Jäppinen and Paul Robert Lloyd: social media icons (below).

Quality assurance

Piotr Burzykowski

Phillip Marlowe

StarD00d (d00ds.com)

Your Evil Twin (early versions)

Press and publicity

Phillip Marlowe

Mission design inspiration

Architectures of Control in Design by Dan Lockton


Valve Developer Community and everyone who constructively contributes to it, without which none of this would be possible.

Users of the NSIS forum, especially Afrow UK.

Phillip Marlowe for help and support, and for being excited about this mod from day one.

11. License

CSS SCI FI 3: Hardwired is licensed as follows:
Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales
You are free:
to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work
Under the following conditions:
Attribution. You must give the original author credit (fitzroy_doll, http://www.amphibian.myzen.co.uk/css_sci_fi).
Non-Commercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
No Derivative Works. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.
Third party content suppliers specified above retain all rights to their contributions.

12. Contact


The current page is the official CSS SCI FI home page. Mod profiles for CSS SCI FI can be found here:

Valve Developer Community Moddb PlanetPhillip Steam Group YouTube Flickr Picasa rss feed


Email about CSS SCI FI can be sent to antiscope@gmail.com. I am happy to answer questions about the project. However:

Error reports

If you are emailing to report a bug or error, be prepared to supply the following:

  1. the mod install log (..\SourceMods\CSS SCI FI\install.log)
  2. a console log showing the error (..\SourceMods\CSS SCI FI\console.log created using the -condebug -dev parameters in the launch options for the game in Steam)
  3. your addcontents.txt script file (..\SourceMods\CSS SCI FI\scripts\addcontents.txt)
  4. a report of all files and folders in your SourceMods/CSS SCI FI directory (using this directory printer) (DirPrint.txt)
  5. The url from which you downloaded the mod.

These will help with the diagnosis of errors caused by a faulty installation or missing pre-requisites. Please note that most in-game errors cannot be fixed, as they arise either from errors caused by the SMOD dlls, which are closed source and therefore unfixable, or are caused by problems in the user machine such as faulty memory or over-active background programs.


CSS SCI FI is released as-is under the CC Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 license
(above). No promise of technical support now or in the future is expressed or implied.

London, January 2011

Last revision: January 2011
CSS SCI FI 3: Hardwired is a single-player modification for Source
by Fitzroy_doll
Homepage: http://www.amphibian.myzen.co.uk/css_sci_fi/
Site profiles:
Valve Developer Community
CSS SCI FI 3: Hardwired is licensed as follows under the Creative Commons:
Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales

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